For every t-shirt bought, Royal Dynamite will donate an educational
package to a child in need through its RDCares Program

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Royal Dynamite’s State Of The Union 3

1 year ago



“Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts” ~ Arnold Bennett.

Dear Royalties,

The quote above epitomizes what Royal Dynamite has endured over the past year. Since our last State of the Union address, Royal Dynamite has been reshaped and re-defined both as a company and as a brand. To a larger extent, both Ralph and I’s outlook as co-founders has also gone through somewhat of a change; we have become a relentless duo that understands and appreciates the value of hard-work, determination, and faith.

Our journey since the last SOTU has been nothing short of exciting and sometimes terrifying. We rebranded the company and embraced a new initiative called RDCares, which supports our desire for furthering educational awareness in developing nations, starting with Sierra Leone. RDCares is a One-for-One initiative, which donates an educational package (school supplies) to a child in need for every RD t-shirt sold. Since the launch of our new website, we have accumulated over 600 packages and are working along with our partners to make sure we are in Sierra Leone within the next few months to distribute them.

We continue to form great partnerships with amazing organizations that are doing phenomenal work in impoverished regions in sub-Saharan Africa. Let me take a moment to recognize the following organizations that have teamed up with RDCares:

Yehri Wi Cry seeks to empower women of Sierra Leone by offering life-saving maternal/birthing kits to pregnant women. Many thanks to co-founders Nadia Sasso, Marie Mansaray, Nadeen Lewally and Zainab Fadlu-Deen for making this partnership possible.

E.Y.E.S - Excelling Youth Educational Scholarship Program focuses on providing long-term academic scholarships and mentorships to school children showing academic promise and drive.

The Visão Foundation is a non-profit that provides quality basic education for impoverished youth in Sierra Leone by offering exciting and unique learning opportunities through which children can explore and grow. Founder Liesel Renner has been amazing in her quest to improve the country’s basic education and empower youth.

RDCares is grateful and humbled by the opportunity to give back to all these great organizations. Both EYES and Visão combined, support the academic journey of over 100 kids. Our goal is to help them fulfill their mission while helping the future generations of Sierra Leoneans realize their full potential


Art For Life - The past year was also filled with some great events. Our first, entitled Art For Life (A.ltruism R.eflected T.angibly) was hosted in Los Angeles in collaboration effort with Yehri Wi Cry. The event campaign was to help create an atmosphere of giving back through the hands of the “art lover”. The goal was to raise awareness on the serious issue of maternal and infant mortality in Sierra Leone. We plan on making this a yearly event - next stop, the nation’s capital Washington D.C.  We were also extremely honored to be able to showcase the Royal Dynamite line at the first African Fashion Week in Los Angeles. The feedback and interest we got was phenomenal and are working towards being in more fashion week events, throughout the country.

Speaking Engagements - Ralph and I also had some very unique and special speaking engagements at places that helped shape and direct the people we are today. Ralph was a guest speaker at King Drew Magnet High School (his alma mater) for Career Day. He emphasized the importance of staying in school and following one’s passion to become a better contributor to society. I had the opportunity to speak to a class at Cerritos College and shared my experience of being an international student, being asked to take an ESL class by virtue of that fact alone, and how hard work and good grades proved otherwise. I also had a defining moment when I was invited to speak on social media and e-commerce to student members of the American Marketing Association at my alma mater, California State University Long Beach. This opportunity opened up doors for our current internship program and this past December, we welcomed four phenomenal interns to the join the RD team – more on that in a little bit.

Crown Me Awkward - In 2012 we launched two successful campaigns and for the 2nd year in a row, we partnered with Issa Rae and her hit show, The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl for a t-shirt design contest titled “Crown Me Awkward”! We received well over 70 designs submissions, hundreds of votes, and were able to put on a spectacular collaborative photo-shoot. This campaign is to-date one of our most successful ones.  

#WAR - This was one of our most thought out and exciting collaborations, born out of the desire to showcase the work of Arnold Randall as AR - The Artist. We realized that we could utilize Arnold’s artistic talents, while incorporating musical beats into the collaboration to bring to life the true essence of our belief in “Collaborative Style For Awareness”. #WAR which means  “We Are Royal” stands to change the way war is viewed and not only signify the uniqueness of the Royal Dynamite brand but also exemplify the strength and resilience of the nations and people affected by war. #WAR was a collaboration between not only Royal Dynamite and AR the Artist, but also AG One Entertainment and emerging producer Brutis Perux, who produced original music for the dynamic project. Every t-shirt sold is accompanied by a 6 track LP.

Over the last year, we made some great additions to the team that have helped us grow and
most recently, started an internship program with four bright and talented interns. Ralph and I wholeheartedly appreciate everyone who continues to believe in our mission. There is a lot more we are capable of accomplishing together and I am excited to be a part of such a creative and talented bunch.

A big things that happened for Royal Dynamite this past year is that our t-shirts are now been sold on two major online retail website. The first being Roozt which is an e-retailer for socially conscious fashion fashion-forward companies making a positive impact in their communities. Shortly after our t-shirts were picked up by Roozt we had unprecedented opportunity to be sold on  KarmaLoop/Kazbah a multi-platform web retailer specializing in global urban fashion and streetwear and one of the most recognized in the industry.

As we move forward in 2013 and beyond, we are excited about what the future holds and are ready for the challenges. We look forward to growing our RDCares program, strengthening our ties with our current partners, as well as welcoming new ones. We want to be able to make an impact on the education and healthcare sectors in Sierra Leone, and other third-world nations within sub-Saharan Africa. We will travel to Sierra Leone to donate the packages we have collected, and will report back to our customers with accountability of our efforts.

We have some exciting and amazing upcoming collaborations and moving forward, we will embrace the ideas of curating and storytelling. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to trailblazing the Royal Dynamite brand into new territories.


Yours Truly,

Cecil Williams

Creative MasterMind/Co-Founder


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Collaboration Against Cholera!

2 years ago

                Inline image 1

Greetings Fellow Change Agents,
We hope all is well with each and every one of you on this beautiful day. As we go about our daily routines let us please be mindful of our current medical crisis in Sierra Leone. The cholera outbreak has resulted in a national emergency; one that has or can affect each and every one of us. 
We, the members of Yehri Wi Cry (YWC), an organization that promotes health solutions in Sierra Leone, would like to join forces with YOU for the betterment of Sierra Leone and challenge our various followings to take appropriate action in assisting with this issue.

Although YWC could simply work alone we know that there is not only power in numbers but greater power in collaboration and teamwork. With all of our resources, minds, and insights put together we can achieve so much more. Someone wise once stated, “Everything in the world we want to do or get done, we must do with and through people to achieve success.”

In coming together to take on this issue our focus can include but is not limited to the following:
  • Supporting the petition started by a fellow Sierra Leonean to create a plan for better sanitation and hygiene
  • Having everyone in the group not only disseminate breaking news and facts but that from trusted sources
  • Compile a list of trusted organizations or ways in which people can donate their time (volunteer), treasure (make donations and talent (individual skills one can bring to the table to help)
  • Fundraising ( this could happen via great tools such as KickStarter to incorporate people from all over the world)

Raising ideas for any other solutions are welcome!
If you are interested in becoming an agent of change for our beloved Sierra Leone, we ask that you submit the following form no later than September 23, 2012 11:59pm Est. We will confirm your receipt of email as you oblige and will contact everyone no later than September 25, 2012 with the next plan of action. Feel free to share this email with others that you think may be interested.

Thank you in advance for your time and we look forward to hearing from you. You can participate by filling out this form:

The Ladies of  YWC.

Yehri Wi CryCholeraSierra leoneHealth

Hey Royal-tees, 

As the official A.R.T For Life Campaign comes to an end, take a look at the video re-cap from the A.R.T For Life Launch Party on March 16th at the Lexington Social House in Hollywood, CA courtesy of Director Kitty.

Join Royal Dynamite and Yehri Wi Cry  for the official #ARTForLife Pop-up Shop(1-4pm, secret location) and Art Auction at this years GWB Ball! for more details. 

ArtForLifeYehri Wi CryRoyal DynamiteDirector Kitty

Hello Royal-tees,

The Polls are officially opened for the Yehri Wi Cry X Royal Dynamite, A.R.T For Life Design Contest.

Your participation is highly welcomed in helping us make a difference in the life of others in 3 easy steps:

  1. You MUST “like” Yehri Wi Cry, Inc. on Facebook for your vote to count

  2. Go to the A.R.T. For Life Submissions album and find your favorite piece

  3. Click the “Like” button on your favorite picture, and voilã, you’re done!

  ***You have until 11:59pm April 23, 2012 to get those “likes” in. Happy Voting!!!!***


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Royal Dynamite Pops Up In DC

2 years ago

Hey Royals, 

The #RDDuffleBag tour is going on the road again. We will be hitting the DMV and this time we are going to be doing it BIG.

We will be hosting a Pop-Up Shop in Washington DC at an undisclosed location on April 28th, 2012 and we will release the location for the Shop on April 27th via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This is going to be an exclusive event and a percentage of the proceeds from your purchases will go to Yehri Wi Cry to help with their efforts in bringing awareness to the problem of maternal and infant mortality in Sierra Leone.  

Also, later on in the day Yehri Wi Cry and Royal Dynamite will be hosting an Art Auction at the GWB Ball for its current ongoing ArtForLife design contest. For more information check out the flyer below and Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

For those in DC, hit us up and we look forward to seeing you on April 28th. Until then, stay Royal-tee.

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THE Life&Times of MissDunnieO: A.R.T.For LIFE LAUNCH OFFICIAL ReCap


For ART to be relevant, artists must address the social and spiritual issues of our time. -Suzi Gablik

The “A.R.T. For Life” Campaign was officially launched on Friday March 16, 2012 at Lexington Social House in Hollywood, CA. The event served as a beautiful testament reflecting the…

missdunnieo via missdunnieo

ArtForLifeMissDunnieYehri Wi CryRoyal DynamitelifestyleMaternal and infant mortality

A.R.T For Life Campaign Launch in Hollywood

2 years ago

Hey Royalties, 

This week on Friday, March 16th yours truly Royal Dynamite, has partnered with a non-profit organization out of Washington DC, called "Yehri Wi Cry" or “Hear our Cry” to launch a campaign called A.R.T For Life, in which the  A.R.T stands for Altruism Reflected Tangibly. The Campaign is to create an atmosphere of giving back by the hands of the ”art lover”. It is our goal to raise awareness on the serious issue of maternal and infant mortality in Sierra Leone thought the eyes of the artist while also raising funds to contribute towards, Yehri Wi Cry, Inc.’s mission to alleviate the crisis that plagues the West African nation. 

If you are in the Los Angeles area this Friday come out to the Lexington Social House and mingle, relax and meet some great like minded individuals and increase your network. As the saying goes “Your network in your net-worth”. You can find more information about this event on the flyer below or check out the Facebook events page and RSVP


ArtForLifeYehri Wi CryLexington Social HouseMaternal and infant mortalityARTsierra leone


2 years ago

Hey Royals, 

Royal Dynamite along with "Yehri Wi Cry" is doing a Call For Artists for the launch of its A.R.T For Life Campaign. Artists/designers are encouraged to submit their art work for consideration by April 1st . The mission of this contest is to create an atmosphere of giving back through the hands of art lovers, to help raise awareness for maternal and infant mortality in Sierra Leone. The theme of the contest is “Empower Women and save the lives of mothers and infants”. 

The winning design/art will be auctioned on April 28th at the GWB, “Green White and Blue” Ball in Washington DC. The winner of the contest will also win:

  • A ticket to Sierra Leone to travel with Yehri Wi Cry on their next mission
  • $200 (cash & RD Currency) and the winning design printed our a Royal Dynamite t-shirts
  • Artwork will appear on the GWB Ball Publication

Click HERE for more details and learn more about a chance to make a great difference utilizing ART.

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