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It’s the time again! Fridayyyyy! I love Fridays, not only because it’s the beginning of the weekend, but because it’s #RDMusicFriday!! 

This week we’re giving you something smooth and relaxing to start your weekend listening. This is a song called M.I.R.I.A.M. X Vhils by the musical group Orelha Negra. This independent band is self-proclaimed Hip Hop, Soul, Jam Band (according to their Myspace) originating from Portugal.  On their Myspace they also has some awesome remixes that are worth checking out!

Visit their site ( to get some more info on the band and tell us what you think! 

As always, it’s been my pleasure to bring all the Royals the RD Music post of the week. 
Hope you’re Friday is spectacular, and we’ll see you next week!



ps. We would LOVE to know what band you want featured on #RDMusicFriday! Comment to let us in on something we’ve never heard of and we’ll give you a shout out :)

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Happy #RDMusicFriday Royals! 

Today I wanted to touch on something that’s going on right now in the world. 
This song is in honor of the struggle happening everywhere, for love.  

There isn’t much more that needs to be said about it besides that. Mackelmore is a popular artists and the style is fairly well known, but what’s more important is the issue behind it. The same-sex marriage issue is here to stay. It gains more support everyday and those being denied equal rights will not be silent. As they should not. 
There was a time when blacks were not given the same rights as whites and that same mentality is what keeps people from validating their love with marriage.  

Love is love. And that’s all I’ve got for all of you.

Peace & love,

linnae (the intern)

RD Music Fridaysmackelmoreryan lewissame lovesame-sex marriageequal rightsequalitylinnaeintern

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Good Friday afternoon everyone. It’s #RDMusicFriday and this week we’re featuring Chet Faker and he’s song “I’m Into You

Chet Faker

Don’t let his look fool you. This Australian artist has got an awesome electronic Hip Hop sound that is addicting.  In October of last year he won ’Breakthrough Artist of the Year’ & ’Best Independent Single/EP’. This year he’s already won Australian Rolling Stone’s ‘Best Independent Release’ 
Wiki describes his genre as “Future beat, electronica, down-tempo, soul, sex (whatever that means!)”

He’s so rad, he even has a Blackstreet cover of “No Diggity” that is very lovable. 

There isn’t much more we can find on the down-under artist, but if you’re interested in hearing more jams, check out his SoundCloud and let us know what you think!

If you ever have a suggestion for an artist to feature on #RDMusicFridays hit us up! We’re all about the feedback.

Until next time, y’all. 
It’s been real.

linnae  (the intern)

RD Music FridaysRDMusicFridaysmusichiphopdowntempochet fakermelbourneaustraliaI'm Into YouelectronicRolling Stone Australiamusiciansoulfuture beatlinnaeinternsfriday

The Top 5 RD Music Fridays Posts!

1 year ago

It’s the last Friday of the year, so it’s only right that we rounded up our Top 5 RD Music Fridays posts for 2012!

5: Andre 3000


Ranking in at #5 is Mr. “Ice Cold” Andre 3000! I guess people were intrigued by his internal battle of being a rapper or a movie superstar. What do you think he’s better at?

4: Miguel


Pulling in heavy at #4 was Latino heart-throb —Miguel. He surfaced a couple of years and disappeared for a while, but then his 2012 smash single “Love Adorn” brought him back for the first time!

3: Nas and Lauryn Hill


Nas and Lauryn Hill toured the world this year and RD was there to catch a glimpse. The show was amazing, that it ranked them in at number 3. Life is GOOD!

2: Jay-Z and Beyonce


Ok, where do I start? They endorsed Barack Obama’s campaign, they took the media by storm with the birth of their first child — Blue Ivy Carter, Jay-Z assisted in moving the NETS to his hometown of Brooklyne, and set Rihanna up to rake in $90 million on her last world tour. They’re a power couple making power moves! That’s what landed this post at #2. Bonnie and Clyde!

1: Justin Bieber


Kudos to Rick Ross for this line, “We got Justin Bieber please BELIEVE it!”. The kid got the cover of FORBES, he made Forbes’ Celebrity Top 100 List, invested in multiple tech companies, and launched hit radio singles with the likes of rap superstars Big Sean! As co-founder Cecil stated, “[We’re] not the biggest Justin Bieber fans, but Usher’s viral protege was all over the place in 2012 and that’s what landed this post at #1.

Be on the lookout for more in-depth #RDMusicFridays posts in 2013. Until then, any suggestions?

Written By: 

Raphael Saye


Justin BeiberRD Music FridaysRDCaresRoyal Dynamiteandre 3000big seanjay-zlauryn hillmiguelnasrick rosstop musictop 5 music of 2012

I’m not the biggest Justin Bieber fan, or better yet I dont listen to him enough to know a lot about his lyrical content. However, his latest track taking over every radio, TV, and eletronic gadget “As Long As You Love Me” Ft. Big Sean just really resonate with me. Its a love song but has so much more meaning to it. Its easily comparable it to the hustle and the grind of running a start up business. 

It starts off talking about “having a smile on your face even though your heart is frowning”; thats exactly the persona you have to take on as an entreprenreur everyday you wake up. You have to live life with a lot of optimism and promise knowing that even when times are hard, you have to give it your all in hope that someday you will reap the fruits of your labor. 

The bridge is very powerful. It’s the true essence of love, thick or thin, rich or poor you fight through it. The challenges will be present but you have to learn to overcome, for love, passion and belief. 

Justin Beiber has grown up a lot lately, a kid he is no more. He was recently featured on the cover of Forbes Magazine and over the last 2 years has cashed in over $108 million from music and various other ventures from his fragrance to investing in Spotify, now a household music service. The kid was born with a silver spoon, is extraordinarily lucky and super talented. Enjoy the song and hopefully Beiber nation will inspire you to be great. 

Written By:

Cecil Williams

Co-Founder, Royal Dynamite 

(Source: Spotify)

justin beiberbig seanspotifymusicRD Music Fridays

Welcome To #RDMusicFridays!

2 years ago

Creative energy is spurned and inspired by many different sights, experiences and moments, especially when drawing from the environment around you. And nothing can be truer than the energy we draw from music and how that music is intricately woven into our everyday lives.

 If you were to look at some of the songs that make up the DNA of Royal Dynamite, you would find everything from Notorious B.I.G.’s “It Was All Dream” - which speaks to the quest of achieving your dreams and the struggle/hustle of being a young entrepreneur - to Chris Brown’s “Beautiful People,” which gets us hyped whenever we do a runway show.

 Yes, music, no pun intended, is the very fabric of our lives and now we want to hear what sounds and artists inspire you. Every second Friday of the month, Royal Dynamite will host “RDMusicFridays,” which serves to highlight what music is not only inspiring our creative process, but also inspiring our ardent fans as well. Featuring music from new and upcoming artists as well as playlists built by our readers, RDMusicFridays will not only function as a music community for Royal Dynamite fans, but also give them the power to express themselves to the world with one of the most powerful tools: MUSIC.

 Reader submissions will be carefully considered and added to a new playlist each month, building a unique sound that readers can enjoy and share with their fellow RD fans. Or if you know of an up and coming artist who you would like to see featured, share their music with us for consideration for a future RDMusicFriday post or playlist.

 We want to hear from you! Pick out your favorite songs that make up the soundtrack of your creative process and share them with us. In the meantime, check out this month’s featured playlist featuring a few songs that get our creative juices going here at Royal Dynamite!

1) “Work Hard, Play Hard!” — Wiz Khalifa

2) “Money” — Pink Floyd

3) “Changes” — 2Pac

4) “He Got Game” — Public Enemy

5) “Rich Forever” — Rick Ross

Post written by: 

Tamika Cosen

Creative Royal Lifestyler / Collaborative Writer / Columnist

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